Go of the night. Rediscovered beauties

Photo and video exhibition

With Françoise Héritier’s support,
anthropologist, honorary professor at the Collège de France

Maison des métallos, Mairie of Paris

13th november to the 7th décember 2014

“ Go of the night, forgotten beauties”, the first exhibition was launched in 2011/12 at the Maison des métallos in Paris and the Espace Cosmopolis, Nantes.
I had promised the girls I photographed not to remain indifferent to their plight if these exhibitions enabled me to raise funds.

In 2013, one civil war later and with the €10,000 raised to help with a social project, I went back to Abidjan. I went to seek out the forgotten beauties in the “non-places” they temporarily called home. My unexpected return with the promise kept made our contLct more intimate making it possible to approach their inner selfs made of dreams, drugs, fears, fights, friendships, looks, acts of protection and of resistance… I observed them from the depths of our subjectivity.

“Go of the night, rediscovered beauties”, a second exhibition presents this work at the Maison des métallos in Paris wich is also the origin of the social project « La Casa des go ».



The exhibition is set on video installations and photo montages, with images of their inner selves: dreams, drugs, fears, fights, friendships, looks, acts of protection and of resistance.
It is to day, time of intimacy and mouvement.


« I’m shame. We’re adorned with enemies. My mother says I should never set my foot in her house again. That even if she dies of hunger, she dies of hunger » Mariam


«  When I hit, I take nothing except stone to crack your head. I insult you, rotten motherfucking cunt! » Mahi


« With Mariam, we spend all night, all day together. Her quarrels, they’re for me, my quarrels, they’re for her. We walk together, we’re on the same chord. » tata



« Us five, we took wooden house in the Sans-fil neighbourhood. At the end of every month, we pay 10.000 cfa [15€].
There’s a hotel next door. That’s where we handle movements» Fatou


«  If you’re a woman, if you grow old, if you got no child, you’re useless.
Maybe the child can wipe away your suffering. » Sali


Press reviews


« Throughout the photo exhibition, you’ll find 5 strikingly beautiful short films that show the Go getting dressed up, praying, waiting, learning, loving… Rare private moments, with no voice over or interview, but an incredible work on sound that manages to render the sound of the indoors, breaking down space and time to reach in and grasp the mystery of these young women, filled with fierce hope for freedom  »
France inter – Chronique d’Hortense Volle

‘Photography month in Paris. A selection of 10 artists whose work will get you hooked.’ ‘Go de nuit, Les Belles retrouvées’. A politically committed project, carried out in Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire) about the daily lives of young girls, aged 10 to 24, excluded from everything?
Libération – Brigitte Ollier

A very moving exhibition. Their beauty, their dignity, and their suffering are all immediately visible.
France culture – Tout un monde – Marie Héléne Fraïsse


Anthropologist Eliane de Latour uses cinema, photography, and literature to recount the resistance of those left by the wayside, such as the teenage prostitutes in the Abidjan ghettos who are the focus of her most recent exhibition in Paris. She does not dwell on misery, quite the opposite.
Témoignage chrétien – Naly Gérard

«  Into the ears of… Eliane de Latour » The ‘Photography month in Paris’ provides the opportunity for Isadora to get into « the ears » of Eliane de Latour, filmmaker, photograph and anthropologist :
Nova – Isadora Dartial

Portrait of an anthropologist and filmmaker who asserts a subjective stance and for whom writing, photography and cinema can bring the excluded back centre stage.
France culture – Le Rendez- vous – Laurent Goumarre


Around the exhibition – Maison des métallos



Women victims of violences in the public sphere

Tuesday the 25th of november 2014 at 7 p.m

Éliane de Latour, Véronique Nahoum-Grappe (anthropologue, Centre Edgar Morin, EHESS) et Catherine Deschamps (auteur de L’Échange économico-sexuel).
Discussion moderated by par Françoise Héritier.


Women perpetrators of violence.

Wednesday the 26th of november 2014 at 7 p.m

Avec Coline Cardi (sociologue, maîtresse de conférence à l’université Paris-VIII) et Fanny Bugnon (co-auteure du livre Penser la violence des femmes).
Discussion moderated by Éliane de Latour.


At my age, I still hidde to smoke
Rayhana / Fabian Chappuis
9 au 21th december
Inside a un hammam in Alger, nine women during the black years.

Little american soldier
Jean-Michel Rabeux
2 to 7th december
Sentenced not for Abou Ghraïb’s horrors, but for having disclosed it. A tale without fairy but with morality.


These shoes are made for walking
Nancy Naous
28 to 30th november
Choreography of the Lebanese dancer around Arab Spring

Jean Hatzfeld / Isabelle Lafon
18 to 23th november
Women’s of Rwanda genocide survivors.


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